Maintenance & Technical Service

Maintenance & Repairing 

Operation Service

  • Desulfurization Equipment

Maintenance Service

  • Boiler
  • Turbine
  • High Pressure and Temperature Valves
  • Feed Water Pumps etc.

Revamping Work of Plant

  • Heat Exchanger, Reactor, Pressure Vessel,  Column
  • Filter, Storage Tank, Air Fin Cooler Bundle, Dryer
  • Boiler / Turbine Accessories / L.P Heater / H.P Heater
  • Skid & Module, Solar Equipment
  • T/C Maintenance and Parts for Replacement

  • Metal Stitching or metal Locking with Repairing Cracks in Cast Metals without Welding.


  • Power Plant 
  • Diesel Engine Block Repair
  • Cast Iron Repair
  • Cast Iron Welding
  • Cracked Truck Engine Repair
  • Cracked Boat Engine Block Repair